The Importance of Corporate Due Diligence When Hiring New Employees

More than 60% of outside hires at the executive level fail. Don’t you owe it to your company and its people to take one extra step to know the facts before hiring?

The principal value-add in ER’s services comes from learning as much as possible about past performance and accomplishments in order to understand and evaluate behavioral experiences, leadership and operating styles against the requirements of a new position.

It is important to your business to match proven competencies and past accomplishments in order to certify a top-tier, fully qualified candidate for hiring.  ER’s services are designed to confirm a candidate’s competencies verifying a match with the job spec and credentials required to realize the planned mission and integration strategy.

The nuances of the service go far beyond checking listed references.  It is in the final verification and analysis that the mistakes are made.

With twenty years of experience of working with senior management teams and boards/investors,  ER has found that the traditionally practiced process of reference checking is too often:

  • done too little, too late
  • done by less experienced staff, not familiar with either the competencies required, or an understanding of the corporate world
  • too focused on public records checking and employment checks rather than on verification of specific accomplishments and competencies
  • left to the search consultant who may not be asking the tough questions or digging below the surface to the degree required to be aware of significant professional nuances
  • completed as an afterthought to “check the box”, where questions raised would be very disruptive to the hiring momentum.

The earlier in the recruitment or due diligence process that one can determine a good fit, yields a complete engagement process that is more reliable and cost effective.