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This is NOT basic reference and record checking.

Our referencing and verification process is an independent and proprietary method that objectively confirms the unique ‘fit’ for a specific corporate team member by:

  • providing due diligence at a critical action point – before the hiring, or before the investment.

  • delivering fast and complete verification of an executive’s credentials and claimed accomplishments, confirming that the executive has demonstrated in prior jobs the critical competencies and skills required to succeed in this specific work.

  • providing a 360° view of executives to understand their character, experience and capabilities

  • verifying qualifications while matching capabilities to job specifications across distinctively different corporate cultures

The ER due diligence process is successful because of its neutrality.

We do not have a vested interest in the placement of a candidate, rather we are vested in ensuring that your new executive has the leadership skills, record of accomplishments, and personal characteristics to excel in your environment. The process is proven and delivers a higher long-term success rate in the selection and retention of top executives.

ER’s independent platform for assessment ensures a fair and positive career assessment for both the candidate and the company.