Building successful businesses requires the leadership of finely tuned executive teams.

The costs of a bad hire can be substantial, perhaps even disastrous. Hiring and retaining top talent is key to delivering corporate objectives.  Businesses devote massive budgets and time to recruiting top talent.  The success rate of these new hires and promotions hinges upon objectivity and clarity about past performance and its alignment with the current job spec.

Too often the hiring process becomes biased by rushed time frames and varying agendas.

Candidates are hired without a thorough, unbiased verification of how their accomplishments and skills fit the position and the company.

Assessment of management talent, even through repeat interviews, often only gives a one-sided perspective, and too often, introduces bias by each interviewer.

ER helps corporate management protect the integrity of their vision and mission through a proprietary, independent process that redefines ‘checking references’.

WHAT you know, and WHEN you know it, could prevent a business-mission disaster.